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Rate: ONLY R120.00!

Get Gelled! Odour free Quick, easy, long ware product to last up to 2-3 weeks. No chipping and pealing depends on you! Do not use house hold chemicals without using gloves and do not file your nails during the gel ware to avoid lifting and pealing. A gloss finish that does not fade. We us L.E.D lights to cure. Gel polish dries immediately on completion so no more worries of smudging.

Rate: R220.00

Polish hands or feet R90.00

Full set acrylic (White / Natural tips) R350.00

Full set acrylic (With Gel) R400.00

Acrylic overlay / Dip with Glaze / Polish R200.00

Acrylic overlay / Dip with Gel R280.00

French / Ombre Acrylic overlay / Dip + Gel R300.00

Acrylic repair R40.00

Natural Overlay Acrylic / Gel R180.00

French Overlay Acrylic / Gel R200.00

Colour Acrylic R180.00

All nail fills are R120.00

Full Mani *no paint R170.00

Full Mani *polish R220.00

Full Mani *gel R260.00

Full Pedi * no paint R200.00

Full Pedi * polish R240.00

Full Pedi * gel R280.00

Vanilla Nail Treatments & Extras

Gel Hands & Feet R40.00

Acrylic R60.00

Hands or feet

Rate: R30.00

Best part of the treatment; we use Vanilla essential coarse mineral scrubs to rejuvenate your skin.  Get rid of the old and in with the new… feel refreshed, clean and revived!

Rate: R50.00

An exhilarating feeling of intense hand & foot massage with deep pressure to alleviate the stresses of life.  Vanilla scented rich based cream that feels rich & velvety.

Rate: R40.00 / 10 minutes / hands or feet

R30.00 / hands or feet

Buff and file R60.00

Your solution to beautiful soft heels! Natural treatment which dissolves bonds between dead skin cells and allows dead, dry skin to be scraped away.

Treatment Rate: R150.00

Gel Repair R25.00